Crayford Camera Club has been bringing photography to its members since 1948 and although we are not the oldest club in the area, we are one of the oldest.

We have a small membership covering all ages of both ladies and gentlemen, making for a good friendly and family-like atmosphere, where everybody is happy to help somebody else.

Our members use either Digital Photography/Computer Imaging or work in the conventional photographic way (i.e. using print and slide film) and many of us do both.

So we cover all aspects of the hobby. We are also happy to accept work that has been ‘Trade Processed’ (i.e. Developing & Printing by photo labs, Chemists etc.).

As in everything, we each have our own personal ‘pet subjects’, some preferring landscapes, others architecture or portraiture and everything else from ‘table-top’ to ‘special effects’.

Every effort is made to ensure that the programme is well balanced, having something for everybody to enjoy.

Included in our programme is the opportunity for our members to show their work to other members on the evenings that we call ‘Members Mini’s’.

Of course we have the usual club events of ‘lectures’, ‘practicals’, slide & print discussion evenings and competitions, both domestic (between ourselves) and inter-clubs (between us and other local clubs) which can lead to larger events (e.g. County Competitions and Exhibition etc.)

Having said that, nobody is ever pressurised into entering any competition (or anything else) unless they wish to do so.

There is also an active social side to the Club, including a day out in the country (usually in the summertime in the hope of a good day!).

We usually arrange an evening meal sometime during the winter months and are always planning various social (and photographic) events.

This is only a short introduction to the Crayford Camera Club, but what we would really like, is for you to personally come along to some of our meetings (you are invited to 3 meetings of your own choice) so you can make up your own mind as to whether you would like to join our club.

Please note that on some Tuesday’s (usually following the Easter & Christmas Bank Holidays) we have no meeting.