The Round 3 Competition for Monochrome Print, Colour Print, Small Print and Slide Competition took place on 8 May 2012.  The results are below:


3rd A Vision of Venice Adrian Campfield Score 19
2nd Derwentwater Reflections Andy Smith Score 19
1st The Church on the Marsh Andy Smith Score 20

Small Print

  Black Tailed Godwit Steve Simmonds Score 20

Monochrome Print

3rd Cruising the Shores of Loch Lomond Jan Marshall Score 19
2nd Shadows Adrian Campfield Score 19
1st Out of the Mists Louise Campfield Score 20


Colour Prints

3rd Lone Tree Lesley Hall Score 19
2nd The Solitary Figure Adrian Campfield Score 20
1st On the Wind Les Thwaites Score 20

Our thanks to Roger Force for judging the competition