This is a digital competition. For this competition only cropping and straightening is allowed, no other manipulation is accepted. Please refer to your rule book for resizing and presentation.

The entry must comprise of at least 8 images, one of each title and to be taken from the announcement of the set subjects and the return to Crayford Camera Club in September 2012

NOTE: All entries for this competition must have been taken within the set period, no library images are allowed. The committee reserves the rights to reject any entries that they consider fail to meet this rule.

  1. Household Object
  2. Gate/Gates
  3. Anything Round
  4. Fruit and/or Vegetables
  5. Sea Shells
  6. Handles
  7. Pairs
  8. Neon Signs
  9. Old Things
  10. Something Blue

The closing date for entries will be announced after the AGM and before the end of the Club year in July 2012