This is a digital image competition, only cropping and straightening of images is allowed, no other manipulation is accepted. Please refer to your rule book for resizing and presentation.

You entry must comprise at least 8 images, one from each title below.

NOTE: All entries for this competition must have been taken between the final club evening on July 16th and the first club meeting on September 10th.

The committee reserves the right to reject any entries that they consider fail to meet this rule.


1. Sunrise or Sunset

2. Umbrellas or Parasols

3. Motor Vehicle

4. Movement

5. Energy

6. River

7. Flowers

8. Unusual Object

9. Number 5

10. Free Choice (open subject)

As photographers can arouse suspicion in some people, it would be prudent to take your Crayford Camera Club card with you. If you wish to photograph children please ask the adult with them and respect their decision.

The final closing date for entries will be advised – all images are to resized to 1024 x 768 pixels and submitted on a CD or USB Pen Drive.

Good Luck